JioMart Share: Check Price, Launch Date, Latest News

JioMart Share
JioMart Share

Reliance Industries Limited (RILNSE -2.21 %), which has rolled out JioMArt Services using WhatsApp is set to have multiple benefits. Facebook gains the advantage of revenues from advertisements but is also chance into commerce (Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Checkout, WhatsApp Business accounts, Meesho investment, etc.). Incrementally, the focus is to complete the commerce transaction on the Facebook platform, and therefore it is possible that at a certain stage JioMart may be available as a mini-app similar to WeChat. Reliance Industries Limited and Facebook were looking to create a super-app on the lines of WeChat. The plan is to make a super-application on the lines of WeChat, which put together digital payments, social media, gaming as well as flight and hotel bookings, among other features. 

Reliance and Facebook Deal
Reliance and Facebook Deal

Reliance JioMart Share Price

Stock loving people are searching for JioMart Share price. But currently it is unavailable in the market. Currently, JioMart service is active in Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Thane, and 200+ cities in India. Also, JioMart has launched its official website and start taking orders with lucrative offers and 5% OFF on MRP.

Reliance Jio and JioMart are subsidiary companies of Reliance Industries. Reliance Jio is not a listed company on the stock market yet. But now as per media report Reliance is planning to list the Jio company on the stock market coming soon. 

JioMart Share price is not yet fixed
JioMart Share price is not yet fixed

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By media reports, Facebook has already invested much more than 5 billion dollars in Reliance Jio and acquired almost 10% of stake share. JioMart services have already rolled out using WhatsApp in three regions and the company has already started reaching customers for grocery orders and Facebook’s business model is evolving to venture into commerce. RIL has several benefits from the deal like “large user base of WhatsApp could significantly accelerate the adoption of JioMart app; leverage Facebook’s experience to monetize data through advertising; potential access to Facebook’s technology and deleveraging. Facebook’s focus has been to drive its advertising engine, which is not surprising given that advertising revenues represent 98.5% of the firm’s total revenues. It is one of the most preferred platforms today for digital marketing by leading brands and sellers.

FAQs Related to Reliance JioMart Share and Price

Q 1. What is JioMart Share Price Today?

Answer: Currently, JioMart Share is not available in the stock market.

Q 2. Why JioMart Share is not available?

Answer: JioMart is not registered as a company yet. It is part of Reliance Retail Ltd.

Q 3. When will JioMart Share come to market?

Answer: Maybe after the launch of the JioMart App and settled down the Grocery business.

Q 4. How can I get offers on JioMart?

Answer: Through JioMart Official website you can best offers and 5% off MRP. Check JioMart offers in Details

Q 5. What are the Job Opportunities in JioMart?

Answer: JIoMart has started hiring JioMart Point Members, Check JioMart Job Vacancy in Details

Q 6. How can I get JioMart Distributor Dealership?

Answer: Read here to know the step-by-step process of JioMart dealership

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