JioMart WhatsApp Number: Book Order, Customer Care Support

JioMart WhatsApp Number How to Order Online Grocery Products

JioMart WhatsApp Number for ordering groceries is +91 70003 70003, Now,  order online grocery products from Reliance JioMart store with just a tap or click. JioMart was available only in Kalyan, Thane and Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, and now it is expanded its grocery delivery services to 200+ cities in India. Recently Facebook has signed a historic deal of $5.7 Billion Dollars to invest in the daily need products platform of Mukesh Ambani. 

JioMart WhatsApp Number
JioMart WhatsApp Number

What is JioMart WhatsApp Number?

To use the JioMart delivery service, Users need to save JioMart WhatsApp Number which is 70003 70003 on their mobile phone, and send a “Hi” message on WhatsApp. Then you will get an automated message from the JioMart WhatsApp bot containing a  link that takes you to a webpage where you have to fill details like full name, address, and other specifications for registration. Please note the link is valid for only 30 minutes, so you need to quickly fill in the details. 

JioMart WhatsApp Number: 70003 7000, Click here to Chat on WhatsApp


How to Order Grocery Online from JioMartApp Using WhatsApp Number?

  1. Let’s find out a detailed step by step guideline to order groceries from JioMart App using Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp.
  2. Save the WhatsApp number +91 70003 70003 as JioMart on your smartphone.
  3. After saving the number, head to WhatsApp, and search for the saved JioMart App contact. You may need to refresh your contacts list by tapping the new chat icon, the hamburger menu / three dots on top, and then Refresh.
  4. Tap on it, and send a ‘Hi’ message to JioMart.
  5. An auto-generated message will come as soon as you send the first ‘Hi’.
  6. It informs the user that orders placed using JioMart before 7 pm will be available for pick up at your nearest JioMart Kirana store within the next 2 days.
  7. This auto-generated message also consists of a unique link that expires in 30 minutes. If not used within 30 minutes, the user will have to send a ‘Hi’ message once again to generate a new link.
  8. Once you click on the link, a dedicated JioMart web page opens up in the browser, and this page asks for basic information like name, address, and phone number.
  9. Fill in all the details and click on ‘Proceed’.
  10. A list of available items in your nearby Kirana stores is mentioned. The list isn’t as populated and comprehensive as we would like it to be, but JioMart should improve on inventory over time.
  11. Once you place the order, JioMart shows you the total amount payable and sends you another WhatsApp text immediately.
  12. This text message mentions the nearby Kirana store name and address from where you have to pick up the order, and also offer a phone number for any related inquiries. JioMart notes that once the order is ready, a text will be sent to the user informing them to head to the Kirana store and collect the delivery. Payment has to be made at the time of pickup only.
  13. JioMart also sends a Google Maps link to locate the nearest kirana store properly.
JioMart WhatsApp
JioMart WhatsApp

JioMart Delivery Charges

JioMart delivery fees is Rs.25 if the user place a grocery order of less than Rs.750. Try to place orders above 750 Rs. to avoid delivery charge by adding all essential daily need items or products along with fresh vegetables and fruits.

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FAQs Related to JioMart WhatsApp Number –

Q1 – Is it necessary to register before ordering on JioMart site?

It is not necessary to register yourself on the JioMart site, You can fill form via auto generated message.

Q2 – Where I can get the JioMart App?

JioMart will be launching soon on Google’s  Play Store  and Apple’s  App Store.

Q3 – Currently JioMart Delivery Location?

Currently, JioMart delivers within selected areas of Navi Mumbai, Kalyan and Thane.

Q4 – What are current offers on JioMart?

Currently JioMart offers save up  or cashbacks  to Rs. 3000 as per their launch plan.

Q5 – How JioMart Works?

JioMart is connected to several small merchants and near buy kirana shops.

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