How to Cancel Order on JioMart: All You Need to Know

Cancel JioMart Order
Cancel JioMart Order

In this article, we will let you know how to cancel JioMart’s order after placing it but first all we need to know about JioMart and how it works. Mukesh Ambani has entered in online grocery delivery service using JioMart and currently running in some part of the Maharashtra like Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. JioMart currently has competition with Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, BigBasket, and order local players. Recently Facebook has invested in Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and it is looking like they are planning to expand JioMart using WhatsApp message platform and upcoming WhatsApp pay.

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JioMart App Download
JioMart App soon available on Google Play and Apple App Store

How to Place Order in JioMart

JioMart has a WhatsApp number from where you can place the grocery orders. Here are some simple steps to place the order online for your daily needs products –

  1. Save +91 8850008000 number on your mobile phone as JioMart,
  2. Open WhatsApp and search for JioMart
  3. Send a “Hi” message,
  4. An automated message will be sent to your phone number with a link to order groceries from JioMart,
  5. Now, select the items that you require and tap the ‘Place Order’ button.

JioMart Order Delivery Time

Due to the strict regulations imposed by the Indian government to keep the spread of the Coronavirus in check, the JioMart is currently facing some limitation on its operating hours. Any order placed before 7 pm is supposed to be delivered within 2 days.


JioMart Order Status

A lot of people are searching for how to cancel order on JioMart after placing incorrect orders or missed something or didn’t require that product.

Users can cancel their order fully or partially anytime up to the cut-off time of the slot for which you have placed an order by calling Jio Mart customer care. In such a case JioMart shall refund any payments already made by you for the grocery order as per the prevailing Refund Policy.

Please contact at 1800 890 1222 or email at: for cancellation or modification of your Order.

On receipt of the cancellation notice, JioMart shall cancel the order and refund the entire amount if the order has not been processed by us. Cancellation of Order can’t be done/accepted once the products under your order are released for dispatch/ shipped out from our delivery location or Kirana store.


Whereas order placed using WhatsApp on JioMart & on cancellation, you will get this message – “Orders placed on JioMart WhatsApp service cannot be changed, cancelled or modified. However, you can contact to your JioMart Kirana for modification in order before billing.”

Check this –

Re-check order before placing
Re-check order before placing

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FAQs Related to JioMart Order Cancelling

Q1 – How I can place the order on JioMart?

Answer – You can place the order on JioMart using WhatsApp Number

Q2 – Will JioMart delivery groceries to my home?

Answer – No, Currently JioMart is not offering doorstep delivery service.

Q3 – Can I cancel JioMart Order?

Answer – Yes, You can cancel JioMart Order after placing it online, but read here for more details.

Q4 – Can I get a refund of my JioMart Order?

Answer – No modification or cancelling the order by JioMart, So no refund of the money.

Q5 – Can I Modify my items list after placing the order?

Answer – Yes, you can modify your item list by contact Kirana store.

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  1. i have placed on a order with jio mart on 15-08-2020 Till in the app showing under process and i have tried to reach the customer care number they are not answering the calls and No proper revert on the Mails also in this case what can we do. and am unable to cancel the items also Requesting you to kindly do the needful at the earliest

  2. I had a very bad experience in dealing with Jiomart. My order no 15974739199250278A was not delivered and status shows delivered I contacted them on 18008901222 and they redirected to email. Again no response. They asked for email on Jio number. Just a merry go round with no action at all. Waste of time and energy

  3. सर मैनेँ 14/08/20 को 8.24 pm पर सामान का ओर्डर किया था वह नहीँ पहुँचा है ओर ना ही रिफँड आया है।
    गुगल पेय से पैमैँन्ट की थी। जिसका नः 022720075580 है।
    ओर मेरा कँम्पलैन्ट नः 0023111256 है।
    1250 रु का है।

  4. यह एक फ्रॉड कंपनी है।मैंने 8 अगस्त 2020 को ऑर्डर किया था जो अभी तक नहीं मिला हर रोज कस्टमर केयर में बात करता हूं हर रोज ही कहा जाता है कि हम आपकी समस्या का हल हो जाएगा लेकिन अभी तक भी मेरी समस्या ऐसी पड़ी है। मेरा ऑर्डर नंबर 15969945259108857A है। मैं सभी को सुला देना चाहता हूं कि इस कंपनी से कोई भी आर्डर बुक ना करें।

  5. मि १७/१२/२०२० ला आँरडर केली आहे, माझा आँरडर नंबर आहे – १६०८१८००७७९०२३२८१ए
    हा आहे ,आँरडर केली आहे दिनांक – १७/१२/२०२०
    ला केली आहे, आज दिनांक – २३/१२/२०२० आजुन आँरडर आली नाही , आणि आत मला २४/१२/२०२० तारीख दिली आहे ,आता यांच्या वर जिवो मार्ट कय ऊपाय करणार,आणि तुम्ही वेबसाईटवर, ईमेल आयडी कशाला मागता, आँरडर नंबर वर तर पुर्ण माहिती भेटली असेलना तुम्ही डीलेव्हरीच काय ते सांगा ऊशिरा का होते त्याच कारण काय आहे, यांच्या वर ऊपाय करा
    आणि ऊत्तर देताना मराठी मध्ये द्य मला ईंग्रजी वाचायला येत नाही


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